Super automatic coffee machine with aesthetic value

People all over the world wish to have a blessed morning with a finely brewed cup of coffee. Coffee means a lot to many people. It is more than a favorite drink, which reflect their desires. A lot can happen over coffee. Well, they connect coffee with many unforgettable incidents in their life and every cup of coffee has an immortal story behind them. Coffee making is an art by itself. Coffee machines are aplenty in the market and each manufacturer boasts of their machine as the best one.

This article talks about a coffee machine with aesthetic value and an added beauty to your tasteful interiors.

Name of the coffee machine:

This beautifully designed Coffee Machine is named as Coffee Machine 01. As the name suggests, this machine stands as number one amidst many coffee machine. The days are gone when compact home appliances played a major role in household items.

The aesthetic design:

This coffee machine 01 has two coffee units which are alike on both sides. In short, they are symmetrical in shape with vast space. It is lengthwise 700mm, width wise 630 mm and has a height of 400 mm. There is a pedestal that goes with this machine which is 950 mm in height. This pedestal enhances the beauty of the coffee machine; and also it acts as a storage space for the coffee machine.

The inbuilt storage space:

You can store all your requirements in the inbuilt storage space which are needed for brewing a special coffee.The storage place is very compact with a sliding door which opens in the pillar part of the pedestal. There is a button on the pedestal which pushes the door inside the pillar. A total number of twelve cups can be kept warm in the two sliding units which are located inside the pedestal. There is one more sliding unit which can be used to keep spoons, coffee mugs etc.

Above the sliding door, there lies a drawer with sliding arms to hold coffee mugs. Behind this, there is some more space to hold coffee mugs. This space has got small storage to keep sugar or cinnamon. Two spoons are specially designed to add sugar.

Frothing unit and cooling unit are kept separately on the left side of the pedestal.

Ice disposing box and six whiskey cups find their place in the right side of the pedestal. There is a separate container for keeping two normal size bottles of whiskey, rum or liquor.

The light indicator in the central part of the machine is on during the preparation of coffee. If the coffee is prepared in the left unit, a full line appears on the left and the full line on the right side indicates that the right unit is being used. The storage facility makes this Coffee Machine 01 as a unique one.

When the Coffee machine is in sleep mode, the coffee and milk tubes can be withdrawn within its body.

There is no doubt that the coffee brewed with Coffee Machine 01 will be Numero Uno just like its name.


published in Instamedia.com


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