Five creative ideas to revitalize your unused fireplace

Nowadays, people don’t use their conventional fireplace. They find a gas or an electric heater more convenient to keep their house warm. No mess, no smoke and no need to put logs to keep the flame alive. An unused fireplace can be transformed in a nice way. You can convert these unused fireplace in a creative way to revitalize them. You can remodel your fireplace to suit your interiors so as to add beauty to your home.Decide whether you want a simple plan which you can do yourself or you need to call an expert to spruce up your fireplace. Small changes made to your fireplace, will make your entire house look new. Keep in mind that it should not look like an ignored place. Usability with aesthetic value should be the base for redecorating your fireplace.

Create an Indoor greenery:

Turn your unused fireplace into eye-catching store-house of indoor plants . You can have ferns and mosses in beautiful Terracotta earthenware of different heights and shapes. Keep one plant in an elevated place in the middle or in a corner, arrange the pots randomly, some near the opening and some flanking the other plants. Instead of stuffing the whole area, leave some gaps. This will make watering the plants easy.

Go wild with your imagination to place the plants according to their colors, sizes, varieties etc. Select the plants which require minimum sunlight. Plants with broad and bright-colored leaves, will enhance the aesthetic value. Fixing small can lights inside the fireplace adds to the beauty of the fireplace at night.



Place to display something special:

Fireplace With a Mirror

Fireplace With a Mirror

Turn your fireplace into a display center. The display should reflect your personal taste. Art work, decorative vases or floral arrangement are some of the desired things to be displayed. Take extra care to see whatever you go in for, suits your already-done interiors. Decorative or plain but brightly colored ceramic vases are available in various sizes and colors. Arrange them to show case your creativity. The tallest one in the middle surrounded by vases of various heights will make them look one unit.

Make a ball of lights

Your unused fireplace can glow with this kind of decoration. All you need is a dark plastic or rubber basket ball and 10 strands of mini-LED Christmas lights. Wrap the lights around the ball one by one. You can twist the single ones, rotate the ball to fix the strands as close as to each other. Fixing the first strand’s end with the second one will give a concealed look of the cords. Cover the whole ball with the lights and plug it outside the fireplace. Choose your own color of the lights. Now, you can enjoy the new makeover of your fireplace glowing with colors.

Mini Library:

For a voracious reader, the fireplace gives an opportunity to remodel it as a mini Library, may seem to be a very creative idea. When you don’t have enough room to keep your collection of books, the fireplace is an ideal choice. You need not keep a bookcase here. Create a ‘book tower’ in the fireplace. You can show case all your books by stacking them up. Here also you can use the shapes, colors and heights of your books to give them a cute look.

Some other cute ideas to do a makeover for your fireplace in a creative way are: You can make a special wine cellar by storing your wine bottles and glasses in the fireplace. You can shop for a custom-made wine rack which suits the size of the fireplace. You can make this look more real by adding dry grapevines.

You can remodel your fireplace according to the seasons. Whatever is available with each season can be used to recreate a new usage of your fireplace. The main purpose is utility with functionality. Your unused fireplace need not look like a deserted place. You can invent your own creative ideas to give a fresh look to your fireplace. People will be amazed to find out the various uses of the fireplace.



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