Five creative ideas to revitalize your unused fireplace

Nowadays, people don’t use their conventional fireplace. They find a gas or an electric heater more convenient to keep their house warm. No mess, no smoke and no need to put logs to keep the flame alive. An unused fireplace can be transformed in a nice way. You can convert these unused fireplace in a creative way to revitalize them. You can remodel your fireplace to suit your interiors so as to add beauty to your home.Decide whether you want a simple plan which you can do yourself or you need to call an expert to spruce up your fireplace. Small changes made to your fireplace, will make your entire house look new. Keep in mind that it should not look like an ignored place. Usability with aesthetic value should be the base for redecorating your fireplace.

Create an Indoor greenery:

Turn your unused fireplace into eye-catching store-house of indoor plants . You can have ferns and mosses in beautiful Terracotta earthenware of different heights and shapes. Keep one plant in an elevated place in the middle or in a corner, arrange the pots randomly, some near the opening and some flanking the other plants. Instead of stuffing the whole area, leave some gaps. This will make watering the plants easy.

Go wild with your imagination to place the plants according to their colors, sizes, varieties etc. Select the plants which require minimum sunlight. Plants with broad and bright-colored leaves, will enhance the aesthetic value. Fixing small can lights inside the fireplace adds to the beauty of the fireplace at night.



Place to display something special:

Fireplace With a Mirror

Fireplace With a Mirror

Turn your fireplace into a display center. The display should reflect your personal taste. Art work, decorative vases or floral arrangement are some of the desired things to be displayed. Take extra care to see whatever you go in for, suits your already-done interiors. Decorative or plain but brightly colored ceramic vases are available in various sizes and colors. Arrange them to show case your creativity. The tallest one in the middle surrounded by vases of various heights will make them look one unit.

Make a ball of lights

Your unused fireplace can glow with this kind of decoration. All you need is a dark plastic or rubber basket ball and 10 strands of mini-LED Christmas lights. Wrap the lights around the ball one by one. You can twist the single ones, rotate the ball to fix the strands as close as to each other. Fixing the first strand’s end with the second one will give a concealed look of the cords. Cover the whole ball with the lights and plug it outside the fireplace. Choose your own color of the lights. Now, you can enjoy the new makeover of your fireplace glowing with colors.

Mini Library:

For a voracious reader, the fireplace gives an opportunity to remodel it as a mini Library, may seem to be a very creative idea. When you don’t have enough room to keep your collection of books, the fireplace is an ideal choice. You need not keep a bookcase here. Create a ‘book tower’ in the fireplace. You can show case all your books by stacking them up. Here also you can use the shapes, colors and heights of your books to give them a cute look.

Some other cute ideas to do a makeover for your fireplace in a creative way are: You can make a special wine cellar by storing your wine bottles and glasses in the fireplace. You can shop for a custom-made wine rack which suits the size of the fireplace. You can make this look more real by adding dry grapevines.

You can remodel your fireplace according to the seasons. Whatever is available with each season can be used to recreate a new usage of your fireplace. The main purpose is utility with functionality. Your unused fireplace need not look like a deserted place. You can invent your own creative ideas to give a fresh look to your fireplace. People will be amazed to find out the various uses of the fireplace.



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Super automatic coffee machine with aesthetic value

People all over the world wish to have a blessed morning with a finely brewed cup of coffee. Coffee means a lot to many people. It is more than a favorite drink, which reflect their desires. A lot can happen over coffee. Well, they connect coffee with many unforgettable incidents in their life and every cup of coffee has an immortal story behind them. Coffee making is an art by itself. Coffee machines are aplenty in the market and each manufacturer boasts of their machine as the best one.

This article talks about a coffee machine with aesthetic value and an added beauty to your tasteful interiors.

Name of the coffee machine:

This beautifully designed Coffee Machine is named as Coffee Machine 01. As the name suggests, this machine stands as number one amidst many coffee machine. The days are gone when compact home appliances played a major role in household items.

The aesthetic design:

This coffee machine 01 has two coffee units which are alike on both sides. In short, they are symmetrical in shape with vast space. It is lengthwise 700mm, width wise 630 mm and has a height of 400 mm. There is a pedestal that goes with this machine which is 950 mm in height. This pedestal enhances the beauty of the coffee machine; and also it acts as a storage space for the coffee machine.

The inbuilt storage space:

You can store all your requirements in the inbuilt storage space which are needed for brewing a special coffee.The storage place is very compact with a sliding door which opens in the pillar part of the pedestal. There is a button on the pedestal which pushes the door inside the pillar. A total number of twelve cups can be kept warm in the two sliding units which are located inside the pedestal. There is one more sliding unit which can be used to keep spoons, coffee mugs etc.

Above the sliding door, there lies a drawer with sliding arms to hold coffee mugs. Behind this, there is some more space to hold coffee mugs. This space has got small storage to keep sugar or cinnamon. Two spoons are specially designed to add sugar.

Frothing unit and cooling unit are kept separately on the left side of the pedestal.

Ice disposing box and six whiskey cups find their place in the right side of the pedestal. There is a separate container for keeping two normal size bottles of whiskey, rum or liquor.

The light indicator in the central part of the machine is on during the preparation of coffee. If the coffee is prepared in the left unit, a full line appears on the left and the full line on the right side indicates that the right unit is being used. The storage facility makes this Coffee Machine 01 as a unique one.

When the Coffee machine is in sleep mode, the coffee and milk tubes can be withdrawn within its body.

There is no doubt that the coffee brewed with Coffee Machine 01 will be Numero Uno just like its name.


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How to whip your kitchen into shape

How to whip your kitchen into shape
All of us want to keep our kitchen neat and tidy. We feel proud when some one praises our neatly kept kitchen. We do take every step to maintain an organized kitchen but as the days go, slowly and steadily unwanted things start accumulating and cry for our immediate attention. It is better to de-clutter our kitchen before it becomes unmanageable.
1. De cluttering takes our time, energy, so a clear planning is always helpful. First of all, clear one shelf or kitchen counter. Keep hot soapy water ready in a dish pan. You need four or five cartons to hold items that may be used in future, and plastic garbage bags of various sizes to discard all unwanted items. In every kitchen the counters are most vulnerable to keep unwanted items. Provide enough wire baskets on them to avoid future clutter. Name the boxes as: to be kept (kitchen), to be kept (other areas of the house), Give away, sell / storage. The items to be donated go to Give away box and items to be sold go to Sell box and items to be kept make their journey to Storage box. Likewise, the items to be kept in the kitchen, and to be kept in other areas also find their respective places.
2. De clutter one place at a time. Start with a shelf, cupboard or drawer at a time. Keep every item in its respective place and dump the unwanted items in the garbage bags.
3. Focusing on one place and step-by-step cleaning make the job easy. You can break down the de cluttering job into small portions.
4. You need to take an on the spot decision on every item. When you find it difficult to take a decision, ask the question that when did you last use that item? If your answer is ‘yesterday, last week, last month’ then they come under the label ‘to be kept’. Decide the place where they should be. Clean them before you put them away.
5. When your answer is ‘never’, ‘last year’ or ‘don’t remember’ a tough decision to move them away from the kitchen is the only solution. Items like cookie presses etc., which you use rarely, during holidays, to make your children happy, can be kept in a box labeled separately and moved away from the active kitchen space.
6. Make place in the kitchen for the items that are used daily. Other things can go to pantry or basement. Many new utensils are frequently introduced in the market, so be tough on items to be dumped.
7. Throw away the spices that have expired. Give away the utensils that are no longer used, to someone who needs them. These items go into the box labeled sell. When you don’t use an item for more than 2 years, it means you can manage your daily chore without this. So, donate them to a school. There may be some dishes which you don’t like, or saucepan with some tough grease that can be donated too. Some kitchen tools which you thought might help you speed up your cooking , but turned out to be not so easy to clean can be kept away from the kitchen and given away later.
8. As you de clutter, do the deep cleaning also simultaneously.
9. While decluttering, you can remodel your kitchen as well. In big restaurants cooking platforms are so designed that they minimize the movement in the kitchen while cooking. You can follow the same thing in your kitchen also. Items that are used together, for example, knives and cutting boards or coffee mugs and coffee maker can be kept in one place. This minimizes your movement throughout the kitchen.
10. Now, the real decluttering starts. Begin with your top most shelf. Be firm in your decision to save them or dump them. If you think you can’t part away with some items though you don’t use them in a daily basis arrange them in a box marked ‘later use’. You can take a final decision later. Moving them away will help you use the space available in your kitchen. This can include dinner plates that are used only when you have guests.
11. Slowly and steadily do the de cluttering from the top shelf to the lower one, into the cupboards and around the kitchen. Separate the items according to their usage in the boxes that are marked and kept ready.
12. Finally, make de cluttering a joyful one. If your kitchen is in a worst shape, de-clutter it bit by bit so that you won’t get exhausted. You shouldn’t feel lost just to make your kitchen organized and well maintained.


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10 useful medicinal plants for your garden

This article talks about creating a pharmacy of medicinal plants in your own garden. Like kitchen garden, growing medicinal plants is something new and a very valuable pastime also. There should be enough space in your garden. You can make a little space for these plants in your balcony also. This will enhance the beauty of your house besides assuring you a healthy life.

These plants need sun light and water. However, if you are going to grow them in your garden, check the type of soil. If you choose your balcony to grow these plants, select containers accordingly. Some of these plants are:

1. Aloe Vera

The first and foremost medicinal plant is Aloe Vera which cures more than 100 ailments. It is extensively used in beauty therapy. It is very useful in treating burns and eczema and reduces inflammation. The juice of this can be taken internally to treat digestive problem, chronic constipation and loss of appetite. This grows well under bright sunlight and is suitable for outdoor garden.


2. Great Burdock

An edible plant and a root vegetable, the Great Bedrock purifies blood. The purple and green thorny flowers beautify your garden pharmacy. To thrive well, it needs moist soil. It cures boils, rashes bruises acne and insect bites.





3. Pot Marigold

With bright orange flowers adding beauty to your garden, this plant grows in moist soil. This helps healing sore eyes, wounds and even varicose veins. To treat infections and fever, this plant is taken internally.







4. chamomile

Next to Aloe Vera comes this plant curing more than 100 ailments including common cold, diarrhea, toothache, earache, shoulder pain and common wounds. This is also used in gastrointestinal treatment. This plant has aesthetic value, with a fruity fragrance.






5. Echinacea

This plant is one of the most important medicinal herbs in the world. It is used in treating sores, burns, wounds, allergy relief, insect and snake bites. It strengthens our immune system.





6. Great Yellow Gentian

Found largely in the mountains of southern and central Europe, this plant is used in traditional medicines and mainly used in treating digestive problems. This activates the gall bladder and liver and strengthen our body while we are recuperating after a chronic disease.








7. Tea Tree

Like Aloe Vera, this plant is the main ingredient in most beauty products. Besides beautifying us, this oil cures vaginal infections, cold sores, athlete foot, and chronic fatigue syndrome.








8. Peppermint

Like Chamomile this plant is also popular for its scent. This was used even in ancient time for every treatment. Rich in Vitamins A and C and manganese, it reduces the irritable bowel syndrome, cure stomach upsets, fever, flatulence and colon spasm.






9. Ginseng

Popular in eastern countries, this plant is generally used for wholesome health benefits, instead of one particular ailment. The root is used to relax nervous system. It also reduces cholesterol levels, improves immune system, increases stamina and appetite and cures sleep disorders.







10. Sage

Having ‘heal’ in its (Latin) name itself, this plant is used for many ailments. This is a cooking herb as well as a medicinal plant. It cures many infections. Menopausal problems are also treated with this plant.

Have a healthy life with a pharmacy at your backyard.








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7 Safe tattoo removal methods

You might want to remove your body art or ‘tats’ for some reason or the other. There are several ways to remove your tattoo but not all would be suit the skin and the pocket together. Tattoo removal might leave scars on the skin or might agitate the skin. Therefore, before you head for tattoo removal, it is advisable to check for safe methods and know all about it. We have put together, a laist of safe tattoo removal methods.

You might want to remove your body art or ‘tats’ for some reason or the other. There are several ways to remove your tattoo but not all would be suit the skin and the pocket together. Tattoo removal might leave scars on the skin or might agitate the skin. Therefore, before you head for tattoo removal, it is advisable to check for safe methods and know all about it. We have put together, a laist of safe tattoo removal methods.

1. Body make-up

In this method a water-resistant body make-up is used to cover or hide your tattoo This is more or less like a face foundation, but thicker and opaque than the normal one. You should select the closest shade which suits your skin tone. You can pat setting powders or use some sprays which help to hide the make-up as well as cover your tattoo. Tattoos which are done with black and blue are easily removed while the green and yellow inks pose a big challenge for the dermatologist.

2. Laser method

In the laser treatment, laser beam is passed through the tattoo. The heat of which breaks the tattoo ink into tiny fragments. These particles are absorbed by the body and removed naturally. Multiple colored tattoos need many sittings and different wavelengths of laser are used. Swelling, bleeding and blisters on the skin are normal after effects of the laser removal. Some people may develop allergy because of the ink reaction. Old tattoos may leave a residue of colors. Laser treatment needs many sittings spread over 6 to 8 weeks, since wounds should be allowed to heal.

3. Derma abrasion method

Dermatologist uses sand to peel off the top layer of the tattooed skin. An abrasive brush or wheel which revolves fast is used to leech the ink out. The extra ink is absorbed by the body. To cure the sore and irritated skin, the doctor prescribes medication.

4. Surgery

Surgery is used to remove small tattoos. It is done with local anesthesia. The dermatologist cuts out the tattoo and sews the skin back. To enable faster healing, an antibacterial medicine is prescribed. By this method the tattoo is completely removed but larger tattoos cannot be removed by this. If a large tattoo is to be removed by this procedure, skin grafting should be done. Thus, this method becomes painful and healing is delayed.

5. Plastic surgery

It is an amazing way of Tattoo removal. However, there are some pros and cons in this method also. The first one is the cost. Also many insurance company don’t support this method because it is considered as cosmetic surgery. This method is not free from the side effects like swelling, bruising and soreness of the skin. But all these disappear after the complete healing.

6. Camouflage method

A skilled tattooist uses this method to make an old tattoo invisible. Instead of removing the old tattoo, it is overdone with a new design using the same skin color to make it look less visible.

7. Other alternate methods

There are other alternate methods like ‘Intense Pulsed Light’ which makes the tattoo fade away. For brightly colored tattoo, this is suitable and after several sittings, your tattoo will be successfully removed.

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4 Beginner tips for new tattoo artists

A beginner tattoo artist needs to be extra cautious with his/her skills. They still need to establish themselves in the business. It is advisable for the beginner tattoo artists to avoid making complex designs. Give your customers a choice from easy designs. This would help you sharpen your basic skills to proceed further to complex designs in some time. Here are a few tips for beginner tattoo artists.

1. Select a design with a scope for shading

The first and foremost thing for a beginner is to select a suitable design according to his clients. The design should be as individualistic as possible for each client. Shaded designs look rich and vibrant. Images of dragons, human portraits , flowers are good objects for shading. The rounded objects are filled with graded shading of ink to make it look alive.

2. Select the right tools

A fresh tattooist should choose his tools aptly. A shaded tattoo design is best applied with a tattoo gun connected to an electric motor. The gun uses a group of needles to inject the ink into the skin at the right depth. The electric motor moves the needles at a speed of 80 to 150 times per second up and down and allows a gradual shading and filling of the design evenly and fast.

3. Mixing of the ink

Mixing of ink is another crucial thing for a beginner. Shaded tattoos need ink mixed in the right proportion with sterile water which is known as wash. Ink mixed with more water makes a lighter wash. The beginner should prepare the washes in exact shades that is needed for a particular design well in advance to avoid stoppage of tattooing for want of ink.

4. Using needles like a paintbrush

The needles that a tattoo artist uses are of two kinds: the liner and the magnum. The liners are round in shape and are used to outline the design. The magnum needles are flat and are used for shading and color filling. They are arranged in two rows. The artist is expected to use them like a paint brush to make his design come alive. The needles should be used very tactfully to differentiate the dark shade and the light shade.Since more ink is used for darker shade, it becomes difficult to make it lighter. So the beginner should work carefully. Though tattooing beautifies the body there are some health risks such as infection and skin allergy. To ensure less health-risk, the tattooist should clean his hand and wears a one-time use gloves. He also should clean the place where the tattoo is to be created and a thin layer of a lubricant may be applied to enable smooth piercing of the needles into the skin. While applying he should wipe off the excess ink and the blood with a clean cloth. As an after care, oil based ointment can be applied on the tattoo. Removal of the scab formed on the tattoo and exposure to the sun is not advisable.



All you need to know about Pet Euthanasia

All you need to know about Pet Euthanasia

People consider their pets as a part and parcel of their life. However, sometimes they have to take a painful decision to euthanize their pets on compassionate grounds. This article looks into the need for such a difficult decision, valid reasons to euthanize pets and various methods of doing this. The article tries to analyze the myths surrounding this mercy killing and also suggests ways to dispose the remains of the pet after euthanize them.

The Painful Decision

All of us very well know that our pets have a short lifespan of 15 to 20 years. But at some point of time when they are affected by some terminal illness and because of which they suffer pains and the quality of their life deteriorates and they become unmanageable emotionally and behaviorally, the owner is forced to take this painful decision.

Valid reasons for having a pet euthanized

A pet is forcibly killed by a veterinarian for a humane relief of suffering. The reasons include animal’s uncontrollable behavior, aggression, and toileting misbehavior because of an incurable disease, population and disease control. Sometimes personal and financial problems are also cited as reasons.

1. When a pet is suffering from an acute illness and medication and therapy doesn’t help relief or cure.

As long as the pets’ eating, drinking and toileting is normal, a pet can lead a normal life with right medications and diets. Animals with heart failure, severe arthritis or cancer are in constant pain and feel distressed and anxious. It is kind enough to put them out of the misery than to let them die in agony.

2. Treatment becomes trauma than a cure

Sometimes the efforts taken to make a pet live become unworthy for the slim chance of survival. Prolonged hospitalization and medications make a pet’s life miserable. Because of their inability to express whether they want to suffer or live with the pain, the owner is forced to take a decision.

3. Behavioral changes in pets

Another reason is when the pet becomes unmanageable behaviorally and emotionally because of the frequent hospital stays, veterinary checkups, and medications. The pet is unable to cope up and becomes aggressive, needle shy and requires anesthesia even for a small treatment.

4. Aggressive behavior

Non-provoked aggression shown on other pets in the same house, other people and outside people and the modified behavioral therapy doesn’t help any more.

5. High risk for human and other animals

When the pet causes high risk diseases like rabies, bird flu, and anthrax, in humans and other pets, it is better to put them to death because it is harmful to the country and the economy.

Types of euthanasia

1. Intravenous anesthesia: In this method the animal is injected with pentobarbitone or sodium thiopental. This liquid acts like a severe veterinary anesthesia and enters into the animal’s blood, affects heart and brain causing instant unconsciousness. Heart beat stops and death occurs while the animal is asleep.

2. Some veterinarians follow dual injection method: One to make the pet unconscious and the other to cause death. This method reduces the emotions of both the pet and the owner.

Administering a different combination of drugs through injection and Shooting with free bullet and captive bolt are used for horses, deer and cattle in some cases. Gas inhalation (for poultry animals and pigs), cervical dislocation (for small animals like mice) decapitation and electrocution are the other well known methods of euthanasia.

Myths about euthanasia

1. It is not natural: Some people feel, though euthanasia is done with a good intention, guilty feeling may haunt the owners. Everyone has the right to live their full life and we are nobody to end someone’s life.

2. Act of selfishness: Owners feel they become selfish because they are unable to handle the diseased pet and are more concerned about their own interest.

3. Pet’s permission is not sought: All of us would love to have pet’s permission to end its life, instead of taking the tough decision on our own. If this can happen, the burden of having taken a decision and the guilt that follows our decision will leave us. Practically, this is not possible. On one hand, we feel we have taken the decision ‘too soon’ by killing the animal, on the other hand we feel distress because we allow our beloved pet to suffer a lot.

Things to do with the remains

  1. Many people prefer to take their pets’ body home and bury it near their house. They feel this will give them peace of mind. Digging the whole well in advance, the place is safe from other pets, and taking care of the underground pipes and cables are some of the things we should remember before we find a place at home turf.
  2. Some people leave the pet in the hospital to be used for research. Very rarely some pet owners prefer to stuff their pet’s body and preserve it.
  3. Some leave the body with their veterinary doctors to be disposed. A few others take them to pet cemetery.
  4. Finally, it is not an easy decision to kill a pet and though we can see some valid reasons to kill a pet, it is very difficult for a pet owner to make a decision.

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Seven electric switches designed to help conserve energy

Seven electric switches designed to help conserve energy

 Conserving the available energy is the need of the hour, since the energy we are utilizing at present is not renewable. It means the energy spent is spent. If we want our next generation to enjoy life as we are enjoying now, we should take necessary steps to preserve the energy. Here we take a look at some of the electrical switches that are helpful for preserving and conserving available energy.

Green Switch

So many times we wish that someone is there to remind us to switch off all the lights and fans, when we hurry to our workplace. When we come home in the evening we find to our dismay that some lights are on for the whole day and we blame our forgetfulness. To solve this problem Green switch comes to our rescue.

It is a wireless switch, which is operated by microchip controlled radio frequency communication. all the switches and plugs in your home are connected to this Green Switch.The only thing you have to do is, switch this Green Switch off before leaving home without playing a blaming game. A message is sent to all the components connected to this Green Switch, and they turn off automatically. The best part of this is, there is no visible or invisible wiring.


Eco switch

Many a time we tend to switch off our computer but forget to switch off the other small items connected to it. We don’t realize that keeping electrical items on available energy is wasted. We need some apparatus to do our job of switching off. There is an Eco switch which takes care of this job. This Eco Switch can be installed easily, and we can prevent our electrical appliances consuming unnecessary energy just using a single switch. We can save a considerable amount of reserve power and our electricity bill simultaneously.


Smart Switch

This smart and intelligent switch allows us to monitor the power consumption everywhere in our house. Comprising of 4 parts and each part doing a different job the system in this switch helps us to save and allot required electricity to each room.

The first part has smart outlets of power which can be programmed and controlled and the smart switches form the second part which display and control the various power outlets and lights. The third part comprises of main switch which controls the whole system and it also shows how much power is consumed over a period of time. The fourth and final part is a remote to program the system.



The brain child of designer Hyun, this switch works on sensors. It automatically identifies your presence at home or in your room and once you are out, the lights are turned off automatically. The switch can be programmed to switch off the lights after a particular time-gap, say 10 minutes after you go to bed.


Energy Saving Auto Switch

This Auto Switch is suitable for your home or the store house. This can be used only with incandescent and tungsten lighting. This is not an ideal choice for fluorescent, halogen and energy saving and low voltage lights.

Since this switch works on hearing the sound, this is the perfect choice to be used in hallways, staircase and porches. This works even in a place which is dark and can be programmed to stay alive for 50 to 70 seconds after detecting the sound. In the daytime it is automatically turned off.


Off-light switches

This Off-light switch is designed in such a way that the word ‘energy saving’ has a new meaning. It is a piggy bank for our energy saving.This works on a simple modification of our electrical switches and the junction box.

In this switch the usual electrical cover plate has a different job. Instead of consuming the energy it helps to save energy. The normal junction box becomes a piggy bank to save your coins once you drop them inside.

The second part of the design reminds you to wind up the wire there itself after unplugging them or when the electrical switches are no more in use.


Power switch

As the name suggests, this Power switch conserves the energy and prevents wastage of standby power which amounts to 11 percent, when electrical equipment are not in use. Designed by Yong-jin Kim, this allows the user to switch off the lights when they are not used. This is a unique way of saving a month’s energy every year. The good concept and the pretty design are sure to make an impact on consumers.


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