International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

It is said that we can find a man in a woMAN and a male in a feMale! How true it is! In our life we come across many women – mother, sister, wife and daughter. Though they are called as weaker sex, nobody can judge their inner strength. Because of this inner strength, women hold very high positions in politics, business all over the world.

To show our respect, appreciation and love towards the women, March 8 is marked as International Women’s Day. Originally it was known as International Working Women’s Day.  We also observe this day to celebrate women’s achievements in every sphere of life.

At first it was a Socialist political event but slowly this day gained popularity and lost its political flavor, and nowadays it is celebrated almost all over the world. Men and children show their love towards the women in their life by way of greeting cards and flowers on this day.

The Socialist Party of America declared February 28th 1909 as National Women’s Day in the United States. This was the first women’s day. An International Women’s Conference was organized the very next year i.e., in August, 1910 to discuss about the 2nd International in Copenhagen.  Inspired by this, Luise Zietz, a German Socialist proposed the idea of celebrated ‘International Woman’s Day every year. Clara Zetkin seconded this proposal. But the date was not fixed at that conference. 100 women delegates  from 17 countries participated and they made plans to use this day to promote equal rights to women. The first International Woman’s Day was marked on 18th March, 1911. Women demanded right to vote and protested against sex discrimination in employment.

The first International Women’s Day was observed in Russia in 1913. Observance of International Women’s Day has brought welcome change in many fields for women. United Nations declared 1975 as International Women’s Year.

2011 was marked as the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. March 2011 was proclaimed as ‘Women’s History Month’ by the U.S. President Barack Obama.

In many countries women have accomplished a kind of freedom. We see a lot of women come out of their houses and work almost in all fields. They are well educated and well-earned also. We may say that they are monetarily independent but, it is sad that violence against women is still on the raise. Every step a woman takes she faces a sort of unwillingness to accept her. She is eve-teased by college mates, under estimated by her colleagues in the offices. This is the usual phenomenon everywhere in the world. She has to struggle to get her the place she is normally deserved for.

The modern woman is trying her level best to balance her family as well as her job. It is something like riding on two horses at the same time. Women are well known for multi-tasking; but this multi-tasking take toll on their health. A woman can achieve anything if her family supports, understands, and nourishes her.

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