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Why is breakfast important

Why do we need to have breakfast first thing in the morning?

1. To stay healthy

2. To stay energetic throughout the day.

3. To avoid taking high fat food later

4. To control our blood sugar

5. To show that we care for our health

6. To have a life-long healthy body

“If you want to be healthy and stay healthy eat breakfast,” doctors advice. Eating breakfast in the morning is the first step to lead a healthy life. When we don’t eat anything in the morning our body thinks that we are going to starve and it starts saving whatever energy in store. There is no energy from our body and we don’t supply our body with outside energy also. The result is fatigue! We feel tired and moody.

Researches show that most people skip breakfast, drink coffee or tea to satisfy their appetite. People think they can reduce their weight by skipping breakfast but they don’t realize that they actually harm their health by doing so. In reality this has an adverse effect on their health. In fact, a healthy breakfast helps us in many ways. It gives us energy to start our day in a healthy way. It regulates our blood sugar and keeps our mood swings at bay.

One more danger we face by skipping breakfast is, we tend to feel more appetite later and start craving for high calorie food. This in turn makes us eat high fat food which gives more calories than our body needs. When we eat more calories the body stores it as fat. So, by skipping breakfast we put on weight!

Our breakfast should contain whole grains, protein and fruits. Try to have a variety so that it won’t become monotonous. Don’t have your breakfast while traveling. Some people read while eating. If you really care for your body avoid doing these things. Have breakfast in a relaxed way enjoy every bit of it. Chew it properly for a better result.

If you want to have a healthy life, don’t skip your breakfast! Breakfast is a must! Realize breakfast importance. Remember to eat a high fiber breakfast.

This we can get from Oats and oat bran or corn flakes. Nowadays even wheat flakes are available. Make porridge with any of these; mix with a cup of milk. If you want to increase the taste you can add some dry fruits like cashew nuts and some raisins. Add 1 -2 tablespoons of flax seed powder.  You can add some fresh fruits. If you need more protein replace milk with soy milk which helps regulate your blood sugar.

Every day we fast at night, which means we don’t take anything after going to bed and after a gap of 7 or 8 hours our body needs energy to carry out our daily routine.

So, break your fast by eating breakfast!

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