What are dreams about

Very recently there was a film on TV. It was about a man who dreams as if he becomes a woman with a man’s behavior. The dream continues till he falls in love and even becomes pregnant! He wakes up when he is being taken to hospital for delivery! What did the director want to convey through this film? God only knows! But one thing sure about dreams is we always try to make some sense out of them.

What are dreams about and what do they tell (?) us? What does a dream mean? Are there any hidden messages in them or are they mere images that are created by our subconscious mind? Is it possible to find answers and solutions to our queries and problems through our dreams?

Dreams are nothing but some images occur continuously, coherently during our sleep. Sometimes the dreams are sensible with real people but some dreams are weird and ambiguous. We cry, laugh and we could even feel the fall – when we dream of falling from a high place! We do attach emotions also with our dreams.

Scientists say that there are two stages during our sleep like NREM (non-rapid eye movement) and REM (rapid eye movement). We keep moving from one stage to another and dreams occur during REM sleep.

How long does a dream last? A few minutes or as long as 15 to 20 minutes, researchers say!

Dreams happen when our sub-conscious mind is awake. So they usually look real to the dreamer.

Since dreams occur when we are not fully awake or unaware of ourselves, there is always a curiosity to interpret dreams. If we see history, even before 5000 years people were trying to get some meaning out of dreams. Some even believed that they were messages sent by God! They connected dreams with their religious belief. People thought that dreams were forewarnings or omens of some natural calamities. They looked at dreams as predictions of future. Dreams were even classified as good (sent by God) and bad (sent by demons).

Ancient Chinese thought dreams were made by supernatural powers and believed that the soul leaves our body during sleep and travels to dream world! If we look at our Upanishads there are two schools of thought. One says dreams are mere expressions of our unfulfilled desires stored in our inner mind and another one says the soul is guided by dreams until it becomes aware of self.


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