Self hypnosis and weight loss

Self hypnosis and weight loss

When we start exercising and dieting things seem great. But after sometime we lose our interest, not our weight. So many times we start and stop.

Psychologists say self hypnosis helps to lose weight. This theory advocates the training our subconscious mind which works from within us.

We have two minds – conscious and subconscious. Conscious mind is active when we are awake. But the subconscious mind helps us in performing our daily routines, though we are preoccupied with some other thoughts.  So, if we could train our subconscious mind through self-hypnosis, we can easily lose weight.

Training our subconscious mind through self-hypnosis

First of all clear your mind of all worries and anxieties about your failed attempts of weight loss. Tell yourself that this is your FINAL TRY and you are going to succeed in it. Keep your thoughts positive. Maintaining a calm mind is the first step to train your subconscious mind.

Set a humanly possible goal. Don’t set a goal to lose 10kgs in a month! You should keep only one goal at a time. Never change this goal till you achieve results.

Write an affirmative script to define your goal. Keep the script short and sweet. Write a few simple sentences like these: ‘I am going to do my exercise regularly’. ‘I am going to stick on to my diet.’ Put them on a piece of paper. Repeat your lines several times when you are awake and when you are in hypnotic trance. Get your script by heart before going for hypnosis session.

There are various methods available to go into self-hypnosis trance

Deep breathing

This is the best and simple method of Self hypnosis weight loss program. Sit in a quiet place. Relax and prepare your mind for the new experience. Take a deep breath. Think that you are breathing in fresh air. Fill yourself with the rejuvenating energy that comes with it. Feel the fresh energy flow and pass it on to the whole body. Breathe out your negative thoughts. When you are fully relaxed, imagine you are in a calm, quiet and safe place. Visualize you are sitting under the blue canopy of clouds, surrounded by green lush meadows and flowing blue water.

Waterfall method:

Imagine yourself sitting in front of a waterfall or the waterfall is behind you. The background could be a green rain forest with colorful scented flowers or a refreshing beach. Like air, water also has a healing and relaxing quality. Visualize that the water is flowing on you immersing your whole body with energy slowly and steadily.

Small power nap

This technique is a quick-fix -especially when you feel fatigue or lethargic – but it brings in you an amazing power. Sit in a quiet place – don’t lie down- you might fall asleep! Close your eyes, start watching your breath.

Adopt any one of the three methods of Self hypnosis weight loss program to self-hypnotize yourself. Once you are deep in a hypnotic trance start giving suggestions to your subconscious mind which is fully awake and ready to take orders from you. Repeat your scripted lines in the same way they are written. Do this twice daily.

Image yourself thinner:

See yourself in your favorite dress which you are unable to wear because of your weight. Admire your new imagined shape. Do these when you are in hypnotic trance. Repeat this also every day. Your subconscious mind starts believing that the thinner version is you! This will, in turn, fuel your weight loss program.

Feel your self-esteem grow:

This is the final stage of Self hypnosis weight loss program. Every time you come out of your trance, feel better about yourself. Tell yourself that all is well and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Make exercise and diet as your regular regime. Never let any negativity spoils this ‘feel good’ factor. When you lose weight as per your goal, it is going to add extra energy in you and cheer you up to continue this practice.

The best part of Self hypnosis weight loss program is that you will be amazed to realize your mind power.


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