Olive oil

If you are in search of oil which can be used as edible oil and a beauty care product, it is none other than Olive oil.

Olive trees are found in Mediterranean Basin. The fruits of these trees are used to obtain Olive oil and is made from green olives. The olive trees don’t need much preservation. They thrive near the sea area where the salt content in the underwater is more. Their tolerance to salt is more than the other plants and they don’t need much watering. The Olive tree has a wide spread deep roots which make them live a century or so, without much water.

In olden days, the Olive oil was considered as a panacea (medicine for all diseases). The athletes rubbed it all over their bodies as a ritual. Great Greece poet Homer described it as “liquid gold”. The process of collecting olive fruits and obtaining oil from them are also done in a simple way. The process doesn’t need much technology.

Olive oil is considered as healthy, though it contains fat and dense in calorie. It doesn’t have any hazardous after effect. The Olive oil is used all over the world for cooking, religious rituals, medicine, soap making and skin care application. It is very easy to preserve this oil. It doesn’t go rancid for a longer period like other oils

Three countries have major share in the world’s 75% of Olive oil production; they are Spain (I place), Italy (II place) and Greece (III Place). Nowadays, Australia also shares this credit of producing premium oils. Australia exports its Olive oil to Asia, Europe and the United States.

The goodness of Olive oil:

  • It gives natural nutrients to hair and skin.
  • Olive oil contains high amount of folic acid which prevents breast cancer; it is also used in the treatment of breast cancer.
  • Vitamins A, D, E, K and the beta carotene and some anti-oxidants found in Olive oil prevent cancer.
  • Olive oil is used to control diabetes and prevents bone related diseases.
  • It has pain-relieving quality also.

Olive oil is available in many varieties.

  • Extra Virgin oil is got from the first pressing. This is known as EVOO and has the original smell of Olive and very pure.
  • Virgin: This variety is obtained from the second pressing.
  • Pure: This Oil undergoes filtering and some more purifying.
  • Extra light: This oil doesn’t contain much of natural Olive smell. After undergoing much purification a little virgin oil is also added to this. Though it is called extra light, this oil contains the same calories as Virgin Oil.

Preserving Olive oilOlive oil is available in beautiful bottles. Keep them safe in the kitchen. Excessive heat and light are enemies for Olive oil. Keep the bottle tightly closed in a dark place. Use only porcelain, tinted glass, stainless steel containers. Keep away plastic containers because the oil can absorb PVCs.

Olive oil smells like wine. The flavor, consistency and color of different varieties of Olive oil depend on the location and the weather.

Cooking with Olive oil:

Use Extra Virgin Olive oil for salads and dressings. Instead of using butter this oil can be added to mashed potatoes and baked potato. Extra virgin oil gives a great taste to cooked vegetables. It can be used on fish or meat also.


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6 thoughts on “Olive oil

    1. If you ask me personally I wouldn’t recommend any of the newbies available in the current market let be pizza, pasta or the new found oils. I strongly believe if we follow our grandmas’ and grandpas’ life style of cooking and eating, we can be free from so called ‘lifestyle-diseases’. They were definitely healthier than us, right?

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