Interpretation of dreams

Interpretation of dreams

Interpretation of dreams

Since time immemorial, the interpretation of dreams is being done and is as fascinating as dreams themselves.

The great Greek philosophers established many theories to make it simple to analyze dreams. Hippocrates said dreams were some images that our soul receives in the morning and at night the images are reproduced. Aristotle had a different opinion. He thought dreams predict some illness or diseases. Following Aristotle’ theory, during Hellenistic period dreams were considered to be of healing quality. Galen, a Greek physician was so convinced with the dreams and he operated his patients according to his dream interpretations.

Ancient Egyptians’ Dream interpretation and meaning are depicted in hieroglyphics in some temple walls in Egypt. Some American tribes thought, through dreams they could visit their ancestors and have contact with them.

But the Middle age people considered dreams as evil which tempted them with harmful thoughts.

There was a sudden shift during 19thcentury when dreams were considered non-sense. Late 19th century philosopher Sigmund Freud’s study of dreams changed the whole scenario. He revolutionized the whole theory of interpretation of dreams by saying that our unfulfilled desire deep inside our mind comes as dream.

He linked this desire to our childhood days. There were two layers in our dreams, Freud believed, one is the superficial layer which covers the underlying truth of the dream and the other layer is our unconscious whims and fancies.

Freud’s student Carl Jung believed that if we had the same dream repeatedly, we should consider it seriously. Because they tell us that we are ignoring some issues in our life and our attention is called for. He noted that dreams are important for the dreamer since there is a link between his real life and psychological factors. Recent events and people we met very recently also play a big role in our dreams, he pointed out.

Modern dream interpreters say that each individual experiences a different dream which is unique to each individual, so they need unique interpretation because they are based on their own personal memories and contacts. Even the most trivial things that we see in our dream should be considered carefully. Our mood and our emotions during a particular dream, and what sort of thoughts we had in our mind should be given enough thought to interpret a dream.

Though many theories prevail to interpret dreams, the individual is the best person to interpret his own dream because the dreams are individualistic!


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