Interpretation of dreams

Interpretation of dreams

Interpretation of dreams

Since time immemorial, the interpretation of dreams is being done and is as fascinating as dreams themselves.

The great Greek philosophers established many theories to make it simple to analyze dreams. Hippocrates said dreams were some images that our soul receives in the morning and at night the images are reproduced. Aristotle had a different opinion. He thought dreams predict some illness or diseases. Following Aristotle’ theory, during Hellenistic period dreams were considered to be of healing quality. Galen, a Greek physician was so convinced with the dreams and he operated his patients according to his dream interpretations.

Ancient Egyptians’ Dream interpretation and meaning are depicted in hieroglyphics in some temple walls in Egypt. Some American tribes thought, through dreams they could visit their ancestors and have contact with them.

But the Middle age people considered dreams as evil which tempted them with harmful thoughts.

There was a sudden shift during 19thcentury when dreams were considered non-sense. Late 19th century philosopher Sigmund Freud’s study of dreams changed the whole scenario. He revolutionized the whole theory of interpretation of dreams by saying that our unfulfilled desire deep inside our mind comes as dream.

He linked this desire to our childhood days. There were two layers in our dreams, Freud believed, one is the superficial layer which covers the underlying truth of the dream and the other layer is our unconscious whims and fancies.

Freud’s student Carl Jung believed that if we had the same dream repeatedly, we should consider it seriously. Because they tell us that we are ignoring some issues in our life and our attention is called for. He noted that dreams are important for the dreamer since there is a link between his real life and psychological factors. Recent events and people we met very recently also play a big role in our dreams, he pointed out.

Modern dream interpreters say that each individual experiences a different dream which is unique to each individual, so they need unique interpretation because they are based on their own personal memories and contacts. Even the most trivial things that we see in our dream should be considered carefully. Our mood and our emotions during a particular dream, and what sort of thoughts we had in our mind should be given enough thought to interpret a dream.

Though many theories prevail to interpret dreams, the individual is the best person to interpret his own dream because the dreams are individualistic!


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Breast cancer

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor which develops in the breast cells. It begins in the cells of milk-producing glands. However, very rarely it can develop in the fatty, fibrous connective tissues of the breast. From a single cell it grows into a lump.

The size of the tumor helps to determine the stage of the breast cancer. Whatever be the size doctors go by the characteristic of the cancer. A small tumor may be aggressive while a larger cancer may be mild or the other way round.

Factors that contribute to breast cancer:

Preventable factors:

1. Lifestyle choices – breast cancer is known as urban malaise

2. Obesity – obese or overweight women are at high risk of breast cancer. Regular exercise boosts the immune system and cuts estrogen levels.

3. Smoking: survival rate is decreased with smoking for those with breast cancer. It is indicated that there is a link between breast cancer and cigarette smoking; even the positive smokers are at risk.

4. Alcohol: consumption of alcohol increases the level of estrogen that triggers the breast cell to become cancerous.

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5. Eating high fat food triggers estrogen which helps tumor growth. The risk can be reduced by eating low-fat food and lot of fruits and vegetables.

6. Child birth after the age of 40 and reduced breast feeding are also seen as factors that contribute to breast cancer.

Non-Preventable factors:

1. Breast cancer is hereditary.
2. Women who are above 40 become vulnerable to breast cancer. Recent studies show that even young women are becoming victims.
3. Women who attained puberty before the age of 21, who had menopause after 55, infertile women are at risk.
4. White women are more affected than Asian and African women.

Symptoms of breast cancer:

Many breast cancers don’t have any clear symptoms. The symptoms vary from lumps to swelling or skin changes.

1. A lump in the breast or underarm prominent after menstrual cycle
2. Pain, prickly sensation or tenderness in the breast
3. Swelling in the armpit.
4. Change in the size or shape of the breast
5. Appearance of the nipple
6. Blood-stained liquid discharge

Approach a doctor immediately if you find any of the above symptoms.. Mammogram and physical examination by a doctor are the most recommended way of diagnosing a breast cancer.

Self examination procedure:

Doctors advise all women to self examine themselves to detect breast cancer early.

1. Stand before a mirror. Keep your shoulders straight and your arms on your hips. Check carefully for any swelling or dimpling or puckering. Next watch the nipples. Are they in their normal position? Raise both your arms and look out for any changes.

2. Raise your right arm over your head and touch your right breast with your left fingers slowly and steadily and check for any lumps. Do this on both sides.

3. Lie on your back. Raise your right hand and touch your right breast with your left hand. Make some circular and up-down movements. Your finger movement should be such that you cover the whole breast and move towards your armpit. Follow a pattern of finger movement to cover the entire area starting from the nipples to shoulder bone. Don’t leave any spot unchecked.

The treatment:

Mastectomy and lumpectomy are the two types of surgery and radiation treatment along with these surgeries are available.

Mastectomy involves the total removal of cancerous breast when most of the part is affected by cancer and when there is a chance of recurrence. The disadvantages are:
1. Mastectomy requires longer period for recovery with some side effects.
2. It’s a permanent loss of breast.
3. Additional surgeries are needed to reconstruct the lost breast.

If there is only one site of cancer and the tumor is less than 4 cms then lumpectomy, the breast conservation followed by radiation is recommended. The disadvantages are:
1. Longer period of radiation is required.
2. Reconstruction of the breast takes longer time.
3. High risk of recurrence of cancer
4. Breast cannot withstand more radiation if cancer recurs.

When a woman doesn’t want her breast to be removed, her ovaries are removed to prevent estrogen secretion. The treatment is based on what stage the cancer is in.

In India, women feel awkward about breast examination by a doctor. They also have an inherent fear that they might have breast cancer and so they avoid going for a check-up. Though the number of incidence is less than the USA, the death rate is almost same because women approach a doctor at a very late stage.

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Olive oil

If you are in search of oil which can be used as edible oil and a beauty care product, it is none other than Olive oil.

Olive trees are found in Mediterranean Basin. The fruits of these trees are used to obtain Olive oil and is made from green olives. The olive trees don’t need much preservation. They thrive near the sea area where the salt content in the underwater is more. Their tolerance to salt is more than the other plants and they don’t need much watering. The Olive tree has a wide spread deep roots which make them live a century or so, without much water.

In olden days, the Olive oil was considered as a panacea (medicine for all diseases). The athletes rubbed it all over their bodies as a ritual. Great Greece poet Homer described it as “liquid gold”. The process of collecting olive fruits and obtaining oil from them are also done in a simple way. The process doesn’t need much technology.

Olive oil is considered as healthy, though it contains fat and dense in calorie. It doesn’t have any hazardous after effect. The Olive oil is used all over the world for cooking, religious rituals, medicine, soap making and skin care application. It is very easy to preserve this oil. It doesn’t go rancid for a longer period like other oils

Three countries have major share in the world’s 75% of Olive oil production; they are Spain (I place), Italy (II place) and Greece (III Place). Nowadays, Australia also shares this credit of producing premium oils. Australia exports its Olive oil to Asia, Europe and the United States.

The goodness of Olive oil:

  • It gives natural nutrients to hair and skin.
  • Olive oil contains high amount of folic acid which prevents breast cancer; it is also used in the treatment of breast cancer.
  • Vitamins A, D, E, K and the beta carotene and some anti-oxidants found in Olive oil prevent cancer.
  • Olive oil is used to control diabetes and prevents bone related diseases.
  • It has pain-relieving quality also.

Olive oil is available in many varieties.

  • Extra Virgin oil is got from the first pressing. This is known as EVOO and has the original smell of Olive and very pure.
  • Virgin: This variety is obtained from the second pressing.
  • Pure: This Oil undergoes filtering and some more purifying.
  • Extra light: This oil doesn’t contain much of natural Olive smell. After undergoing much purification a little virgin oil is also added to this. Though it is called extra light, this oil contains the same calories as Virgin Oil.

Preserving Olive oilOlive oil is available in beautiful bottles. Keep them safe in the kitchen. Excessive heat and light are enemies for Olive oil. Keep the bottle tightly closed in a dark place. Use only porcelain, tinted glass, stainless steel containers. Keep away plastic containers because the oil can absorb PVCs.

Olive oil smells like wine. The flavor, consistency and color of different varieties of Olive oil depend on the location and the weather.

Cooking with Olive oil:

Use Extra Virgin Olive oil for salads and dressings. Instead of using butter this oil can be added to mashed potatoes and baked potato. Extra virgin oil gives a great taste to cooked vegetables. It can be used on fish or meat also.


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Why is breakfast important

Why do we need to have breakfast first thing in the morning?

1. To stay healthy

2. To stay energetic throughout the day.

3. To avoid taking high fat food later

4. To control our blood sugar

5. To show that we care for our health

6. To have a life-long healthy body

“If you want to be healthy and stay healthy eat breakfast,” doctors advice. Eating breakfast in the morning is the first step to lead a healthy life. When we don’t eat anything in the morning our body thinks that we are going to starve and it starts saving whatever energy in store. There is no energy from our body and we don’t supply our body with outside energy also. The result is fatigue! We feel tired and moody.

Researches show that most people skip breakfast, drink coffee or tea to satisfy their appetite. People think they can reduce their weight by skipping breakfast but they don’t realize that they actually harm their health by doing so. In reality this has an adverse effect on their health. In fact, a healthy breakfast helps us in many ways. It gives us energy to start our day in a healthy way. It regulates our blood sugar and keeps our mood swings at bay.

One more danger we face by skipping breakfast is, we tend to feel more appetite later and start craving for high calorie food. This in turn makes us eat high fat food which gives more calories than our body needs. When we eat more calories the body stores it as fat. So, by skipping breakfast we put on weight!

Our breakfast should contain whole grains, protein and fruits. Try to have a variety so that it won’t become monotonous. Don’t have your breakfast while traveling. Some people read while eating. If you really care for your body avoid doing these things. Have breakfast in a relaxed way enjoy every bit of it. Chew it properly for a better result.

If you want to have a healthy life, don’t skip your breakfast! Breakfast is a must! Realize breakfast importance. Remember to eat a high fiber breakfast.

This we can get from Oats and oat bran or corn flakes. Nowadays even wheat flakes are available. Make porridge with any of these; mix with a cup of milk. If you want to increase the taste you can add some dry fruits like cashew nuts and some raisins. Add 1 -2 tablespoons of flax seed powder.  You can add some fresh fruits. If you need more protein replace milk with soy milk which helps regulate your blood sugar.

Every day we fast at night, which means we don’t take anything after going to bed and after a gap of 7 or 8 hours our body needs energy to carry out our daily routine.

So, break your fast by eating breakfast!

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What are dreams about

Very recently there was a film on TV. It was about a man who dreams as if he becomes a woman with a man’s behavior. The dream continues till he falls in love and even becomes pregnant! He wakes up when he is being taken to hospital for delivery! What did the director want to convey through this film? God only knows! But one thing sure about dreams is we always try to make some sense out of them.

What are dreams about and what do they tell (?) us? What does a dream mean? Are there any hidden messages in them or are they mere images that are created by our subconscious mind? Is it possible to find answers and solutions to our queries and problems through our dreams?

Dreams are nothing but some images occur continuously, coherently during our sleep. Sometimes the dreams are sensible with real people but some dreams are weird and ambiguous. We cry, laugh and we could even feel the fall – when we dream of falling from a high place! We do attach emotions also with our dreams.

Scientists say that there are two stages during our sleep like NREM (non-rapid eye movement) and REM (rapid eye movement). We keep moving from one stage to another and dreams occur during REM sleep.

How long does a dream last? A few minutes or as long as 15 to 20 minutes, researchers say!

Dreams happen when our sub-conscious mind is awake. So they usually look real to the dreamer.

Since dreams occur when we are not fully awake or unaware of ourselves, there is always a curiosity to interpret dreams. If we see history, even before 5000 years people were trying to get some meaning out of dreams. Some even believed that they were messages sent by God! They connected dreams with their religious belief. People thought that dreams were forewarnings or omens of some natural calamities. They looked at dreams as predictions of future. Dreams were even classified as good (sent by God) and bad (sent by demons).

Ancient Chinese thought dreams were made by supernatural powers and believed that the soul leaves our body during sleep and travels to dream world! If we look at our Upanishads there are two schools of thought. One says dreams are mere expressions of our unfulfilled desires stored in our inner mind and another one says the soul is guided by dreams until it becomes aware of self.


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Self hypnosis and weight loss

Self hypnosis and weight loss

When we start exercising and dieting things seem great. But after sometime we lose our interest, not our weight. So many times we start and stop.

Psychologists say self hypnosis helps to lose weight. This theory advocates the training our subconscious mind which works from within us.

We have two minds – conscious and subconscious. Conscious mind is active when we are awake. But the subconscious mind helps us in performing our daily routines, though we are preoccupied with some other thoughts.  So, if we could train our subconscious mind through self-hypnosis, we can easily lose weight.

Training our subconscious mind through self-hypnosis

First of all clear your mind of all worries and anxieties about your failed attempts of weight loss. Tell yourself that this is your FINAL TRY and you are going to succeed in it. Keep your thoughts positive. Maintaining a calm mind is the first step to train your subconscious mind.

Set a humanly possible goal. Don’t set a goal to lose 10kgs in a month! You should keep only one goal at a time. Never change this goal till you achieve results.

Write an affirmative script to define your goal. Keep the script short and sweet. Write a few simple sentences like these: ‘I am going to do my exercise regularly’. ‘I am going to stick on to my diet.’ Put them on a piece of paper. Repeat your lines several times when you are awake and when you are in hypnotic trance. Get your script by heart before going for hypnosis session.

There are various methods available to go into self-hypnosis trance

Deep breathing

This is the best and simple method of Self hypnosis weight loss program. Sit in a quiet place. Relax and prepare your mind for the new experience. Take a deep breath. Think that you are breathing in fresh air. Fill yourself with the rejuvenating energy that comes with it. Feel the fresh energy flow and pass it on to the whole body. Breathe out your negative thoughts. When you are fully relaxed, imagine you are in a calm, quiet and safe place. Visualize you are sitting under the blue canopy of clouds, surrounded by green lush meadows and flowing blue water.

Waterfall method:

Imagine yourself sitting in front of a waterfall or the waterfall is behind you. The background could be a green rain forest with colorful scented flowers or a refreshing beach. Like air, water also has a healing and relaxing quality. Visualize that the water is flowing on you immersing your whole body with energy slowly and steadily.

Small power nap

This technique is a quick-fix -especially when you feel fatigue or lethargic – but it brings in you an amazing power. Sit in a quiet place – don’t lie down- you might fall asleep! Close your eyes, start watching your breath.

Adopt any one of the three methods of Self hypnosis weight loss program to self-hypnotize yourself. Once you are deep in a hypnotic trance start giving suggestions to your subconscious mind which is fully awake and ready to take orders from you. Repeat your scripted lines in the same way they are written. Do this twice daily.

Image yourself thinner:

See yourself in your favorite dress which you are unable to wear because of your weight. Admire your new imagined shape. Do these when you are in hypnotic trance. Repeat this also every day. Your subconscious mind starts believing that the thinner version is you! This will, in turn, fuel your weight loss program.

Feel your self-esteem grow:

This is the final stage of Self hypnosis weight loss program. Every time you come out of your trance, feel better about yourself. Tell yourself that all is well and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Make exercise and diet as your regular regime. Never let any negativity spoils this ‘feel good’ factor. When you lose weight as per your goal, it is going to add extra energy in you and cheer you up to continue this practice.

The best part of Self hypnosis weight loss program is that you will be amazed to realize your mind power.


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