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Exercise for a healthy life:

Everyone dreams of a healthy life. All of us were healthy at birth. But what happens in the long run, due to sedentary life and laziness or sometimes unexpected injury and bedridden for a long time makes us unhealthy. If you think one of the reasons above made your health deteriorate, exercise is the best option to get back your lost health and luster to your life.

Be mentally prepared:

For a long-lasting new activity, we need to prepare our mind. Especially doing regular exercise needs lots of mental preparation. The first day’s spirit dies very soon in many cases. We start giving reasons for our inability to stick on to regular exercise. Reasons may be numerous; but there can be only one answer for the question: why should we exercise? If we dream of a healthy life we should exercise; that’s all. So, better stop giving reasons.

Exercise?  No way!

We come across 3 kinds of people who have a different school of thought about exercise:

  1. I have never exercised in my life –  no time for exercise
  2. Doing daily household chores is enough to be fit (women come under this category)
  3. Only sick people and fat people should exercise.

There is something very important for these people to keep in mind:

  • You can start exercising at any point of time in your life. It is never too late to start exercising. Spending time for exercise is your investment for a healthy life.
  • Daily chores unlike exercise, don’t make you fit; instead make you tired. A well planned exercise makes you fresh. You feel energized after each session of exercise.
  • Exercise makes everyone fit; if you are already fit it makes you fitter. Exercise benefits everyone in an unimaginable way.

Slow and steady wins the race:

You don’t use the diving board on the very first day of your swimming class, right? Same rule applies here also. Take any form of exercise, but for 15 to 20 minutes to start with and with less intensity. Tell yourself that you are committed and this is going to better your life. Walk, jog, push ups or yoga – any form is good if you can enjoy it. Consult your family doctor if you are new to exercising and above 40 years.

Small changes go a long way:

Make some small changes in your daily routine. You know very well that stuffing your stomach with junk food is not good. Don’t stop completely. Instead of eating fast food every other day, make it for weekends. Tell yourself that you are not depriving yourself of all the pleasures in life. A small quantity of fruits and nuts add color to your diet.

Countless benefits:

Exercise helps you in innumerable ways. It helps you to

  • Control your weight;
  • Protect you from serious injuries;
  • Live a heart healthy life;
  • Manage or combat health problems;
  • Handle your mood swings in a better way;
  • Avoid sleep disorder;
  • Renew your sex life;

If you are particular about the quality of your life and concerned about your family, make exercise as your first choice and spare some quality time for it.

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